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Frequently Asked Questions

As no doubt you are now aware, Crown Residential Lettings are now a part of Belvoir and all clients of Crown have now been moved across, joining many other local and international clients already enjoying the benefits of Belvoir’s award winning customer service as well as property marketing and management skills.

We realise that you may have one or two questions about this change and have therefore put together answers to typical questions that you may have. If your particular question is not addressed here, please contact us either by email or by telephone 01264 366611 and we would only be too happy to answer any questions you may have.

Is Belvoir a large corporate company?

Yes and No. Belvoir is a large network of independently owned franchised offices. That is to say, the Andover office is independently owned and run by business owners Greg Greatbatch & Phil Pinkney who are based in the Andover office on a daily basis.

Crown had been involved in lettings since 1998, what experience do Belvoir have in lettings?

Belvoir Andover was founded in 1997 and only concentrated on residential lettings all the way up until 2013 when we added residential sales and commercial sales and lettings to our portfolio of services.

Will the fees Belvoir charge us vary from the fees Crown used to charge?

No, Belvoir will mirror the fees that Crown charged to make sure the transfer is as seamless as possible.

Will the fees Belvoir charge go up in due course?

There are no plans at this time to increase any of the fees charged to any of our landlords new or old. It may be necessary to review this at some point in the future but not before giving you notice of any changes.

Will we need to sign a new agreement with Belvoir?

Because of the new change in privacy laws (known as GDPR), it will be necessary to send you a new agreement which includes our privacy policy. As previously mentioned, our terms of business will not include any changes to fees charged. We will not be locking you into any long term contract with us either as we want you to continue using Belvoir because you are happy to.

Can we pop into the office to meet the people looking after our property(ies)?

Yes of course, we would love to welcome you to our recently refurbished Bridge Street office in the centre of town for a coffee and chat. Feel free to pop in any time or give us a call in advance if you would like to speak to either of the business owners or the managers to ensure they are in the office when you arrive.

We expected to hear from Belvoir before now?

Sorry for the delay in us making contact with you. The reason for this is we wanted to give absolute priority to the transfer of data and starting balances on both yours and your tenants accounts, making sure that all rent payments were processed at least as quickly as you would have been used to with Crown before we started contacting everyone. We wanted you to have a ‘business as usual’ experience with us before we wrote.

Who are the key people we should contact if we have a question?

Vicky Bowman - Lettings Manager - Vicky looks after the relationship with all lettings clients as well as manages the team that relets property

Ann Osman - Head of Property Management – Ann heads up the team that handles all aspects of post let management, from accounts to repairs, move outs and inspections etc.

Greg Greatbatch / Phil Pinkney - Business Owners - Greg or Phil are available to answer any questions you may have about Belvoir

I do not live in the UK for some/all of the year, do I need to let you know?

If you reside outside the UK for 6 months or more in one 12 month period, the HMRC consider you a ‘non resident landlord’ and we are legally obliged to handle your rental income differently. Please let us know if you fall into this category and haven't already registered as a non resident landlord with HMRC. We will be contacting those landlords that have notified HMRC/Crown that they are a non resident to give instructions on what to do next in the coming weeks.